Talk is cheap...and really valuable

How often does your team meet and talk? Really talk? Not email, text, tweet or instant message. Not crank through a meeting agenda. I mean actually hang out and talk. One of the keys to great communication is understanding the people you are conversing with. Getting to know their fears, their dreams, what they had for dinner. All of this dialog creates a bond. Teams need to work as…well…teams. Great teams do not have a herd of individuals forced together in a pen. Great teams have chemistry. It’s true in sports and it’s true in business. Teammates don’t have to be best friends, though they may be. But teammates do need to have a rapport and care about each other and share a clear understanding of the journey they are on together. The solution is easy. Give your teams a chance to hang out together in an environment that encourages them to be present…not answering phone calls and incoming messages. But really together. It’s human. It’s refreshing. Ultimately, it’s really productive. 

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