Giant Bicycle is the world’s largest bike manufacturer. They entered the USA market as a high quality, low cost commodity and wanted to become a vibrant brand. We conducted a series of interviews with brand leaders, market dialog and brand workshops to create story elements that would guide and inspire their communications. We also helped establish progressive and highly successful programs for partnerships with independent retailers and a woman’s offering. To help track their progress, we also did a Brand Strength Monitor for several years driven by a rich dialog with retailers and consumers.


  • Establish the brand story
  • Smells Like Giant internal brand story
  • Manifesto for cycling enthusiasts
  • Brand Strength Monitor
  • Retail Partners Program
  • Women’s Program


During the time that Skip Hess guided Giant Bicycle, putting attention on building the brand through great storytelling, it rose from #6 to #2 in the U.S. market. Employees and sales reps were more engaged in the core mission of the brand. Dealers were given new tools for selling Giant and became more impassioned about the brand, leading to a successful launch of Giant Retail Partnerships for the first time in the company’s history. As for consumers, they had better emotional handles to grab the brand and make it part of their lives. Dealers and consumers alike were amazed that a company as big as Giant was willing to listen to their thinking about the brand.


Client Appreciation

“So, we met our goal of building confidence. The Storming the Stage theme that you came up with was perfect and all the presenters kept tying back to it through all four days. It was just what we needed as our meeting foundation. The reps went home happy, ready to grow their sales and re-energized. Thanks for your help.”                 

Elysa Walk, General Manager Giant Bicycles