Sobul, Primes & Schenkel is a leading mid-size, full service accounting and business management firm based in Los Angeles, California. SPS wanted a new logo, stationery, brochure and web site, We developed a look and feel, as well as story, that positioned the firm as well grounded in the accounting tradition, yet pragmatic in addressing the ever-changing world of contemporary business. What separates them is a focus on solving client’s problems. Over the years, we have delivered a series of brand building tools. It’s a relationship lasting more than a decade and a half.


  • Brand story & identity
  • Brochure
  • Website
  • Staff recruitment brochure
  • Regular newsletter and special communications with clients


SPS has thrived, taking on new challenges, hiring great people, and landing wonderful clients, all supported by the confidence and self-awareness that comes from the story work they commissioned. As they move forward and evolve the leadership, SPS knows that the “DNA” that started the firm nearly 30 years ago will be a guiding light in future.


Client Appreciation

“As you have always shown Len, you have a keen understanding of who we are and exhibit a true talent in bringing who we are to the masses. Thanks for all the help.”

Rick Schenkel, CPA Managing Shareholder, Sobul Primes & Schenkel