One Step Forward

You start on a level playing field. Now take a look at how your brand story positions you compared to your competitors…or where you imagine yourselves to be.

  • If talking about your brand’s story makes you uncomfortable TAKE ONE STEP BACK
  • If your brand’s core story is well-established and is actively used by those charged with communicating your brand TAKE TWO STEPS FORWARD
  • If your team has a set of brand filters in place that guides your strategic communications TAKE TWO STEPS FORWARD
  • If you have a marketing department, HR department, ad agency and PR firm that never meet to integrate how your brand story is being told TAKE ONE STEP BACK
  • If you have core elements of your story splashed all over the walls of your offices TAKE ONE STEP FORWARD
  • If you include brand story in sales training TAKE TWO STEPS FORWARD
  • If you are a leader of the organization and have not put your rendition of the brand story down on paper for others to see and use TAKE ONE STEP BACK
  • If you have a regular dialog with the people in your brand community to check on how they share your brand story TAKE TWO STEPS FORWARD
  • If you have lost attention for this test TAKE ONE STEP BACK

The most successful global brands and their leaders are thinking about these things all the time, putting massive resources behind them. How does your brand compare?

  • Are you further ahead than you thought? Congratulations
  • Are you about where you expected? How about doing even better!
  • Are you further back than you’d like? Don’t worry, just take action

Wherever you ended up, pat yourself on the back for taking the test and answering honestly. We can all do a better job at mining the limitless value of our brand stories. Storyworks can help.