Ultra Motor was a powerhouse for new transportation solutions in Europe, India and across the globe. They decided that they were ready to take on the US market with an electric bike known as the A2B. We were asked to gather market insights relating to potential consumers and trends, then to participate in product naming and the best way to present the brand into the American psyche.


  • Focus groups across the US to identify market opportunity
  • Naming of products, especially A2B
  • Materials and planning of corporate campus events to launch A2B
  • Consumer Manifesto
  • Sales and trade show communications


Ultra Motor was poised to make a splash in the US market before they made the decision to close down their San Francisco offices and stop all operations beyond having a sales office. Some good people and a lot of excellent efforts were lost, but we wish them well in future.


Client Appreciation

“I LOVE what Len did with this. It is the perfect ‘manifestoed’ modification to what we originally had. BRAVO and thanks to all for your superb work.”                           

Nancy Deyo, Marketing Advisor, Ultra Motor